The Doge Of Venice

Our Company Reality



We are the main Tour Operator of Jesolo, the leader in the Incoming sector on the beaches of the north Adriatic. Belmondo was founded in 2008, a continuous growth that has made tourist hospitality in the north Adriatic its mission.


We offer collaboration to tour operators and travel agencies interested in economic and commercial tourism development on the beaches of the upper Adriatic and beyond.

In fact, we have over 300 allotment contracts at particularly advantageous rates in the following locations: Jesolo, Venice, Cavallino, Eraclea Mare, Caorle, Bibione, Lignano, Grado.


Through our booking engine, it is possible to search for accommodation availability also in other locations in Italy by selecting the relevant Regions.


We are suppliers of the most important Tour Operators, Travel Agencies in Italy and all over the world, Europe, Russia as main markets.


Our system offers products both for individuals and for tour operators/agencies in B2B, obviously with different products and rates. Thanks to many years of experience in the negotiation of hotels and tourist services, we provide product excellence in combination with advanced, intuitive, and flexible technological solutions.


Belmondo offers the connection also in XML via API, contact us for further information.


Over 100,000 passengers / 200,000 visitors per year travel with us for a turnover of over 6 million euros! Born to welcome the markets from Russia that arrived on the Adriatic Riviera, we have grown over the years to become the reference point of this market.


Belmondo is the supplier of the major Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Italy, Europe and emerging countries.

over 10 years of experience in hotel and tourist services contracting. It offers product excellence combined with advanced solutions, we organize stays, transfers, excursions and first-rate assistance.